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About Us


About Us

Founded in January 2014 in Dallas, Texas, Muslimahs for Change Foundation is dedicated to empowering women and girls globally. We are committed to nurturing and training girls to become tomorrow's leaders through mentorship, leadership development programs, and educational initiatives. Our focus extends beyond education to address crucial challenges faced by women and girls worldwide.

We are passionate about combating period poverty and ensuring every girl has access to menstrual hygiene products, education, and support. Through raising awareness, providing resources, and implementing sustainable solutions, we strive to overcome this critical issue.

Additionally, we extend our efforts to support and uplift orphaned girls around the world, providing them with essential care, education, and opportunities for a brighter future. With our comprehensive programs and collaborative partnerships, we aim to create a lasting impact, foster gender equality, and empower women and girls to reach their full potential.​​

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster an inclusive environment that values the voices and contributions of Muslim women globally, enabling them to lead, inspire, and make a lasting impact on society."
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Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering women and girls globally, fostering their education, well-being, and leadership development.
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